Lifetouch Picture Day Update

Picture Retakes

Any individual absentee/retake pictures required will be taken at St. Julien Park on Wednesday, June 12th.

NOTE to all: Any parents who do not have a credit card to order online, should bring their completed form to the field this Tuesday or Wednesday and pay the photographers at the field.

Lifetouch regarding your pictures and their process

Parents, on behalf of ELSC, I would like to apologize for the revised information we have just received from Lifetouch regarding your pictures and their process. We were informed of this information late last week and have been working with them to try to make things easier for our families.

Lifetouch staff originally advised ELSC parents they could wait to preview their picture ‘proofs’ before ordering online. No mention of an order deadline or delivery charges was ever made. Lifetouch has now changed this.

Lifetouch wanted an order deadline of June 10th, with everything ordered after that date subject to shipping fees. ELSC has negotiated an order deadline of Monday, June 17th … where any order placed by this date will be shipped to ELSC for distribution to our families and NO shipping fees will be added.

Unfortunately, you will not see your proofs before the June 17th deadline. A unique proof code will link to your child’s photos, but you will not have this until after June 17th. Your proofs and unique proof code will not be provided by Lifetouch until after the order deadline of June 17th, as they are sending the Memory Mates purchased for each child by ELSC after the order deadline, and the proofs and unique proof code are accompanying the Memory Mate.

NOTE: Any photo orders placed with Lifetouch after June 17th will include a shipping fee, and will be shipped directly to the purchaser’s address.

East London Soccer Club – Picture Day ID is QT018001X0. To order photos this week, you can go to the Lifetouch site at (, select Order Sports Photos, Order Now, Pre-Order Now and then use QT018001X0 to take you to the "East London Soccer League" page for placing orders. Once the order is complete you will be asked for additional information such as; Athlete name, address, payment info, etc.

Again, ELSC apologizes for the inaccurate information previously given to our families and hopes that June 17th will provide you enough time to order online any photos you want to purchase.


Carolyn Kirk
East London Soccer Club
ELSC - Board President


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Mission Statement

  • ELSC promotes and supports the game of soccer and provides a team environment for any individual to participate and develop their skills.
  • Ensures the player has the opportunity to play at a level appropriate to his/her age.
  • Maintains a Youth Referee Mentorship Policy.
  • Supports the training and development of our Coaches and Assistant Coaches.
  • Maintains a ZERO tolerance policy against discrimination, harassment, and misconduct.