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Newly Registered or Returning Player? Welcome!

We are thrilled to have you on board and thank you for choosing us for your soccer journey. Our registration period lasts until April, during which we will be accepting players. Once registration closes, we will carefully construct the teams, ensuring each player finds their perfect fit. You will be notified once this process is complete, letting you know which team and coach you or your child has been assigned to.

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Uniform Pick Up

Youth (U4-U10) will receive their soccer kit, including a jersey, soccer socks, soccer shorts, and a soccer ball. The 2024 season pick-up date is still to be confirmed, but you can anticipate it to fall on a Saturday in early May. The designated location will be Saint Julien Park. Stay tuned for further details as we finalize the arrangements!

Teen (U12-U16) - Date, time, and location will be provided

Adult - Date, time, and location will be provided

PowerUp Connect

We encourage you to install the PowerUp Connect app on your mobile phone. This app is your resource throughout the soccer season, providing you with access to information such as schedules, dates, times, and field locations. It also serves as a communication tool, keeping you informed of any weather-related cancellations.

Find the app in the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android, Samsung, Google, Motorola...)

Spectators and the sideline

We greatly appreciate the support of all our spectators and parents during games. While we wholeheartedly welcome parents, family, and friends cheering on their player from the sidelines, we kindly request that you refrain from giving players instructions or becoming directly involved in the gameplay. This allows our  athletes to focus on effective communication with their teammates and attentiveness to their coach or referee. Maintaining this environment ensures a positive and productive experience for all. Thank you for your cooperation!


Jewellery & Apparel

Players are to be in full uniform for games and practices. For safety measures, please adhere to these jewellery and apparel rules while on the field.

  1. No earrings or piercings allowed
  2. No hard headbands, bobby pins or hair clips
  3. No jewellery
  4. Soft headbands are allowed
  5. Shin guards are mandatory at all games and practices for player to be on the field. Socks must be worn over the shin guard and pulled up to cover the top of it.
  6. Cleats are not mandatory but highly recommended for safety purposes
  7. Prescription eye wear, medical alert bracelets and hearing aides are allowed
  8. No sunglasses allowed
  9. Casts - Hard casts of any type are considered dangerous and are no longer permitted. Any braces or soft cast material containing metal are not permitted. Hard casts cannot be wrapped to make them safe.