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In our U12 division, players of all skill levels, whether seasoned or newer to the game, find a supportive environment. We aim for a balanced challenge and attention to encourage personal growth and team unity. This environment allows experienced players to shine while providing necessary support, making it a great space for everyone involved.

Half of the games are played at our home field, Ted Early, while the other half take place at different fields for away games. This setup allows for diverse playing experiences and a chance to showcase skills in varied settings.


Season: May - August

Location: Our home games take place at Ted Early, while our away games are held at various fields

Field Players: 10v10 (plus goalie)

Game Nights: One Game Per Week

  • U12 Boys Tuesday
  • U12 Girls Monday

Practices are setup and scheduled by the coach.

Registration includes providing each child with the following items

  • Jersey
  • Soccer Shorts
  • Soccer Socks
  • Photo