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Have you ever envisioned sponsoring a youth sports team, with the pride of seeing your business logo prominently displayed on their jerseys as a symbol of support? Your sponsorship helps reduce registration costs and provides players with jerseys; and soccer shorts, socks, and soccer ball for each youth player.

Since 1983, we have been a non-profit, volunteer-powered organization. From May to August, we provide programs for 1,300 youth aged 3 to 18, and adults. Local sponsors are the backbone of our mission, ensuring that affordable soccer is within reach for families in East London. Join your fellow businesses who have already become 2024 sponsors!


If you haven't yet witnessed the vibrant atmosphere at Saint Julien Park or Ted Early Fields during a match, we extend an invitation for you to witness it. Each day of the week, new faces and families come together from May to August, creating an exhilarating experience you won't want to miss. The air is filled with cheers for teams like "Go Team JIFFY LUBE" or "GO Argyle Tax" as they compete for victory.

To commemorate this partnership, we provide each sponsor with a team photo and a plaque, which not only serve as tokens of appreciation but also make an impressive display within your business.


By sponsoring one or more teams, you'll enjoy significant exposure nearly every day of the week, reaching Argyle and East London parents, family, and friends who actively attend games at our Saint Julien Park and Ted Earley fields. On tournament days, we can attract up to 2,000 visitors, offering an even wider audience for your brand.

Moreover, supporting multiple teams will lead to amplified exposure through social media posts on our Facebook Page as well as our webpage. Our club is committed to ensuring each sponsor receives multiple posts, showcasing, and highlights throughout the season. We strongly encourage all registrants to join and follow our Facebook for daily exciting updates. Currently at 1.4k, we have a goal of hitting >1.9k followers this season, making us London's most followed soccer club!

Our message for 2024 Let's show our appreciation for these generous businesses that have made it possible for the youth in our area to participate in this sport. If you come across them, consider extending your support and patronage whenever you can. They've truly made a difference!"

We are dedicated to soccer games and events that highlight and support our sponsoring businesses and enable healthy community involvement and social interaction.