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Take advantage of our early bird pricing, available until March 1st, 2024. Starting March 2nd, 2024, registration fees will increase by $50.

Click here to register now!

When you're ready to register, please click 'Register Now', which will take you to our PowerUp registration site. It's designed to streamline and simplify the registration process. If this is your first time using it, you'll start by creating an account. Following that, you can create a profile for each player you wish to register. Once the profiles are set up, you're ready to begin registering each player.


  • You may find the registration process easier when using a laptop or computer, but a mobile phone will also work fine.
  • Divisions are based on the players age. For example, a 4 year old is U6, a 6 year old is U8, and a 15 year old is U16.
  • For detailed information about each division, please visit our Divisions page.
  • Please double check that the year is correct for the players date of birth, the year will be used to assign the player to the correct division.
  • If you or your child have already registered using a different profile, such as a spouse's, you may encounter an error indicating that the player is already registered. In this case, please use the existing account. If you need to transfer the player to your profile, kindly reach out to us at for assistance.

If you run into any problems with registering, below is a video which guides users through the registration process. Please contact us with any questions at

If you wish to submit your registration by mail, kindly print this form (click here) and mail it to PO Box 35013, London ON N5W 5Z6.

How To Register Video