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East London Soccer Club stands as one of London's most accomplished recreational youth and adult outdoor soccer organizations. With a community of over 1,300 active players each season, we continue to nurture a love for the game. We are committed to providing a safe, welcoming and enjoyable space for all players. In our programs, players not only enhance their soccer skills but also develop strong teamwork and collaboration.


Team Curney clinched the 2023 Women's Tournament title, showcasing exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship. Their victory speaks to their dedication and talent. Congratulations to Team Curney and all the remarkable women and teams in the ELSC Women's Division this summer. Thank you for making it a successful season.


Congratulations to all our teams and players for an outstanding 2023 Season! Your dedication, passion, and teamwork truly reached new heights. It was awe-inspiring to witness your progress; from those heart-stopping goals that left us all on the edge of our seats, to the breath-taking saves that showcased your unwavering commitment to the game. Every moment on the field was a testament to your skills, determination and love of the game!

Looking forward to a fantastic 2024 Season!