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Safeguarding the well-being of our players is our utmost priority. We have put in place a thorough set of guidelines and strictly adhere to laws and rules to ensure the safety of all participants on the field, as well as spectators.

Officials/referees will maintain a constant presence on the field, promptly penalizing any instances of rough play as fouls. If a player persistently engages in rough play or inappropriate behaviour, they will be requested to leave the field, with the coach promptly notified and expected to address the behaviour.

Rowan's Law - HIT-STOP-SIT

ELSC Soccer is bound by the legislative requirements of Rowan's Law (Concussion Safety), 2018, S.O. 2018, c. 1 - Bill 193 and is committed to the support and implementation of Concussion Codes of Conduct, and the removal-from and return-to-sport protocols in our House League programs.

In the event of a player sustaining an injury during a match, play will be halted, and the coach will promptly attend to the player. The injured player will be escorted to the sideline for a thorough assessment. If the player wishes to continue play then they may rejoin the match provided they exhibit no signs of concussion or further injury.

The official resources can be found by clicking on the following link:

Ontario Government Rowan’s Law: Concussion Awareness Resources

Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resource E-Booklets can be found by clicking on the appropriate links:

Resources are available in different languages.

Players/parents/guardians/coaches/match officials/trainers are to review and sign off on the resources that are relevant to their participation.

The concussion awareness resources also include two posters/

  1. Hit-Stop-Sit - Rowan's Law Poster
  2. Signs of a Concussion - Rowan's Law Poster


Lightning Policy

The safety of players, coaches, management, and spectators is the primary concern in any weather event that occurs during all matches sanctioned by East London Soccer. The referee and/or on field convenor will make the final decision on whether to play the game. Together a reasonable decision to play or not shall be made with the safety of the people at the field locations of the utmost importance.


  • If a severe weather warning has been issued by Environment Canada for a region that encompasses an
    East London field, the referee or on-field convenor shall cancel the game until the warning has been
  • If a severe weather watch has been issued by Environment Canada for a region that encompasses an
    East London field, the referee will consult with the on-field convenor and the coaches to decide what
    action to take. Tools available to help make a decision:

    • A review of the radar information on the Environment Canada website can be used to
      determine where a storm is, and where it is heading.
    • Remember you are in danger of lightning if you can hear thunder. If you can hear thunder then
      you are close enough to the storm to be struck by lightning.
    • If you see lightning, count the time until you hear thunder. If the time is 30 seconds or less, then
      the storm is close enough that you are in danger of being struck by lightning.
  • If one game is called then all the games being played at that location will be called
  • The referee or on-field convenor will call the game
  • When considering the resumption of the game, the on-field convenor will decide if the storm has passed
    far enough that the game can resume.



City of London Rzone Policy

The Rzone Policy prohibits inappropriate behaviour at City facilities. The Rzone Policy applies to all recreation facilities owned or occupied by the City, including recreation centers, seniors and community centers, parks, sports fields, sports parks, pools, golf courses and arenas.

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